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Why Do You Need To Find The Best Personal Trainer, Brisbane?

Posted by findpersonaltrainer on September 27, 2012

Why Do You Need To Find The Best Personal Trainer, Brisbane?

Best Personal Trainer, Brisbane
Trainers play an important role in shaping the fitness program that you use. You must find the right site of trainers that can inspire you to perform the different exercises and you would be able to realize your fitness goals.

Fitness is an important part of your lifestyle. You have to be sure of the type of fitness program in which you engage as it shall help you in staying fit and healthy. There are various different fitness exercises and there are a lot of rules and guidelines which you must follow as well.

Most people need to seek the services of a trainer as the trainers can guide them in building their muscles in the right manner. You should find the best personal trainer, Brisbane and after you have found the right trainer who can inspire you to work out even harder, you should then follow their tips and advice.

Trainers play a crucial role in boosting your fitness sense. The trainers must make it a point to work out regularly because they must have a great body shape as well. Most of the trainer work day in and day out for the sake of keeping their body fit and relaxed. The type and quality of trainer that you choose will have an important role to play when it comes to having a strong and fit body.

Some people need to be motivated to workout and these people have to hire the finest trainers. So, if you too are willing to work with a trainer, you have to find the best personal trainer, Brisbane. You should explore the work that the trainers are doing. Some trainers have a good reputation as they have managed to boost the performance of their students. Trainers must be very strict and should have the power to discipline their students.

It is not easy to achieve the fitness goals and so you should set high standards for yourself. In order to give yourself the best chance of succeeding in achieving the goals that you have set for yourself, you need to seek the services of a trainer. The trainers can teach you the best ways of exercising. They will also educate to about the right amount and quality of food that you should consume.

Such data can help a person immensely when it comes to getting a fit and strong body. So, check out the different training exercises and training regime. Explore the work that the trainers are doing. If the profile of the trainer is impressive, you should try to opt for that trainer.

You may have some specific requirements like you may either need a trainer at home or else you may want to join an academy where you can work along with a group and get the best training tips and exercising methods. So, check out all such details and apply these filters to find out the best trainers that would boost your fitness quotient.

Find A Personal Trainer online is visited by people for getting the perfect trainer. All those who are looking to find the best personal trainer, Brisbane, they should explore the trainers here. The trainers have helped people in realizing their fitness goals.


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Weight Training Percentages and Personal Training

Posted by findpersonaltrainer on September 18, 2012

best personal trainers

Percentages in personal training can be absolutely invaluable. However, they need to be incorporated correctly in order to get the benefit out of them. One thing to think about, are percentages necessary for your clients?

Nearly every strength and conditioning coach in the country relies on percentages to enforce desired intensities to athletes for certain lifts. Basically, the client would perform their lift at a percentage of their 1 repetition max. If they had a max bench press of 100lbs, and you wanted to do 3 sets of 12 reps at 60%, they would do 3×12 at 60lbs.

This is absolutely necessary in most strength and conditioning environments for multiple reasons, including consistent program design as well as enforcement of intensity (speaking from experience, some people WILL slack if given the chance). So the question becomes, are percentages right for you?

Well, let’s take a look at your situation. What level are your athletes or clients at? New athletes or clients probably would not benefit from percentages as much as more advanced clients, as they need to learn how to perform the lift correctly first and foremost. Second, a new client will adapt to the exercise so fast that by the next time you perform the exercise, their 1 rep max may be out of date and thus their percentages would be incorrect (if they used to bench 100lbs, but after 2 workouts they can bench 110lbs, that 60% you have them working out as now too low to cause the adaptation you are looking for).

The next thing to look at, what are the goals of the client? Many clients like personal trainers simply to help them work out, no specific goals but general overall fitness. For these clients, percentages are probably unnecessary as you as the trainer can monitor their intensity and effort by watching. If it is an athlete preparing for their sports, intensities will give you a great guideline to go by and allow you to accurately pick a weight for their work sets that will increase their potential for strength.

Are you working with your clients in a group setting or one on one? Private training sessions will need percentages less than group, because as the trainer you can monitor intensity and adjust as necessary. In group settings, you may not be able to watch every set that every client does, so giving them weights to work at with each set is probably going to be more efficient.

The question of whether you should use percentages with your training is a very individual one. Personally, I use percentages and weight calculation with nearly all of my athletes, however it is not a strict guideline. Sometimes the weight is too heavy, sometimes it is too light, and this is where the art of coaching comes in, to adjust as necessary. All of our personal training excel spreadsheets at Excel Training Designs can be modified to work with percentages, and you can step up your training today!

Happy training!

Find A Personal Trainer is one of those sites where you would be able to spot the best personal trainers, Brisbane. They have a pool of amazing trainers who can work as per your needs and requirements.

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